Dome Nera Metallic Dolce


Rose Gold
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Dome Nera Metallic Dolce
Dome Nera Metallic Dolce
Dome Nera Metallic Dolce

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Dimensions: 30cm(Diameter) x 27cm(Height)

Everlasting Metallics feature real preserved Ecuadorian roses that you can enjoy forever.

Dome Nera features Rosa Dolce's signature Perla box in black velvet. The dolce bouquet contains 45-50 preserved Ecuadorian roses in a classic dome arrangement.

Our roses are harvested in bloom and infused with a high-quality serum to preserve their freshness. Each rose is then meticulously painted with metallic pigment. Their petals are stiff, and will never perish.

Our bouquets are crafted using fresh, handpicked roses. Everlasting Metallics have been carefully painted with vibrant pigments. While they are firm to the touch, they are very delicate and prone to breakages with improper care.

Do not remove your roses from their Rosa Dolce box. Do not water the roses, and store them in a dry place away from extreme humidity.

The roses will thrive best in a room temperate environment. To maintain the vibrancy of colour, keep them away from direct sunlight. If the roses collect dust over time, gently brush them with a duster. Avoid pressing or crushing like you would any flower.

  • Contains 45-50 roses, depending on rose size
  • Box dimensions: approx. 180mm diameter x130mm height
  • Black velvet box with gold detail and faux pearl handle
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and humidity
Dome Nera Metallic Dolce
Dome Nera Metallic Dolce
Dome Nera Metallic Dolce