Are your roses real?

Yes! Our Ecuadorian roses are harvested in bloom and infused with a high-quality serum to preserve their freshness. They look and feel just like real roses, because they are.

 How long will they last? 

With correct care, our roses will last for a year, minimum.

We cannot guarantee the lifetime for roses which do not receive the care as instructed below.

 How do I look after them?

Preserved roses require minimal maintenance and do not require water.

 Do not remove your roses from their box.

The roses will thrive best in a room temperate environment. To maintain the vibrancy of colour, keep them away from direct sunlight. If the roses collect dust over time, gently brush them with a duster. Avoid pressing or crushing like you would any flower, as the petals are soft and delicate. 

Can I order via e-mail or over the phone?

All standard orders must be processed via our website store. If you would like to utilise our Rosa Atelier service to create a bespoke order, then please get in touch.

 How many days ahead should I place my order?

Depending on your location, allow a minimum of 3 days for your order to arrive. Our rose bouquets are made to order, so please allow up to 2 business days for handling and dispatch. See Shipping Information for more.

Can I place a bulk order for an event?

Yes! We would love to assist you in the best way possible. Please get in touch with our service team.

Do you offer bespoke orders?

Yes! See our Rosa Atelier service for more information.